We’re The New Found…Nice to Meet You.

It’s been a minute since you heard from us. We apologize. Star Wars: Rogue One distracted us. Kidding. While we’ve collectively seen Rouge One seven times (what can we say, speculation about what happened to the Hammerhead crew is a hot office debate), we’ve been busy learning, growing and finessing. We’ve been spending our energy on what matters most, you – our clients – and failed to keep y’all up to speed on what’s up with us. Growing pains, but it ends now because self-love benefits everyone. So, hello, we’re the new Found, great to meet ya. Here’s what we’ve been focusing on the past year.

Video Production | Videography has long been a core Found service, but we – along with the rest of the industry – are watching dramatic increases in video’s efficacy as a marketing tool. In 2014 alone, B2B marketers increased video content from 8% to 58% and the rest of the industry has been following suit. Why? The simple answer is that video is a conversion rate optimizer with 71% of marketers agreeing that it outperforms other content. The more complex answer is that videos give marketers the ability to tell a story that sparks the senses, conjuring emotion. Positive emotions correlatively increase your conversion rate and potentially impact buyer decisions. Consider this:

  • – Web sites with embedded video are 53x more likely to rank on page one of Google search results.
  • – Videos can double click-through rates in email marketing campaigns.
  • – 100 million hours of video were watched per day on Facebook in 2016.
  • – Visual content on Facebook increases engagement by 65 percent while boosting views by 48 percent.
  • – Humans process visuals faster than text (by a whopping 60,000 times).

Our clients have felt a huge impact from video content. Ergo, we’ve been making a boatload of videos. Check ’em out.



Content Curation & Management | Owned media and content is the marketing standard. Sure, we dug some Super Bowl commercials (JT and Walken together = immediate Bai purchase). But, traditional advertising rarely makes sense for brands nowadays. The carry over is the connection factor. Effective content strategy analyzes audiences to deliver engaging, brand-consistent content which sparks a connection with potential and current users.  Multimedia content strategies streamline your brand, keeping you at the forefront of your audience’s mind. Through strategic brand cultivation, we have earned our chops streamlining content production with web development to provide seamless SEO, optimized web copywriting, and content marketing streams spanning email marketing, blog creation and social media. Further, we combine owned media with earned media garnered through public relations. This year our clients have been featured in outlets like Texas Monthly, Texas Highways, D Magazine, CultureMap, Eater, and more.



Brand Development | Growing pains have taught us that bad web design is real (and not so spectacular). We’ve cleaned up and patchworked existing sites for clients – incorporating new content streams that aren’t optimized by the site, updating logos and copy, and establishing the brand voice to the best of our ability. We do our best with what is sometimes a mess to work with, and our clients see improvement. But – without exception – our clients would benefit exponentially greater if executing a complete rebuild. Like anyone in this business will tell you, brand (or re-brand) development from the ground up is the most efficient path towards reaching your defined goals. We’ve learned that when we own a brand, everyone wins.



The proof is in our pudding. The brands we’ve owned, like the Dofflemyer Hotel and Visit San Saba campaigns, have outperformed piecemeal campaigns. The City of San Saba has seen a 35 percent increase in sales tax revenue citywide, with an additional 200 percent increase in hotel tax revenue. The Dofflemyer has enjoyed sustained growth in occupancy rates, rising from 38.9 percent in September 2015 to 72.6 percent at the close of March 2016, significantly exceeding their profitability benchmark.


So, along with breakfast tacos and Topo Chico, these are the things we’ve been focusing on the past year with our full multi-media marketing team in place. How can we help you light the road in 2017?


Posted on May 2, 2017 in Branding, Content, Found Blog, Found Work, Video

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