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Visual content is king, especially in the lifestyle, tourism and hospitality. Owned content brings your brand to life and, when used correctly, provides experiential marketing materials to be shared in the digital age. If you are trying to capture your own story or an aspiring multimedia professional, here are our tips on photo and video tools.


Drones are great for getting shots like aerials and 360 degrees that we couldn’t get before (without the help of a crane or chopper). We love the DJI Phantom 3 professional. DJI has always been on the forefront of drone innovation. The Phantom model has GPS to hold position; a gimbal stabilized 12 MP camera that shoots 4k; a live feed that can be viewed on the phone; and, is pretty compact given its abilities. It’s worth noting that you should learn to fly the drone in an empty, open, flat space. You don’t want your $700 drone landing (and be stuck upon) on the roof or in the middle of the road during rush hour.


Cameras are a valuable investment – particularly when paired with a couple of lessons to hone technique. You’ll find that being able to snap shots in real time will greatly compliment your marketing efforts. For the perfect shot, we recommend the following cameras.

Panasonic GH5 | This is the 5th generation of the popular GH series from Panasonic. Although compact, it shoots 10 bit 4K and has a Log profile sold separately. Other notable features include: weather sealed magnesium alloy body; 20mp photo sensor; manual audio controls; and a wide array of lenses and adapters. The GH5 runs about $2,000.

Olympus OMD EM5 mk2 | Like Panasonic, this camera has a Micro 4/3 sensor. It’s very compact but has the stellar performance. Although it’s 16 mp, it has a super quick autofocusing system and 6 axis image stabilization built in. This is a great starter camera running at about $950.

Sony A7s mk 2 | The biggest investment (retailing at $2700), this Sony camera features an excellent full frame, mirrorless camera that shoots 4k in s-log. This camera can make useable video files in super dark settings because of the low light sensitivity of the sensor.



Once you have the camera, the next big purchase is a stabilizer. Depending on the desired function and visual product, here our are favorites.

Glidecam HD4000 | In a world of motorized gimbal stabilizers there is still a place for weighted stabilizers like the glidecam HD. No batteries required, just balance it to the camera being used and get incredibly stable images while moving. This stabilizer makes more organic looking moving shots than that of the motorized gimbals. The glide cam retails for $500.

PMG Slider | Buttery smooth slider for clean panning shots. The ingenious design of this particular slider allows the user to either be on a straight track or flip it over for a curved track to keep the subject centered while panning. The PMG slider retails for $700.

Manfrotto Video Head and Tripod | Heavy duty tripod and head that get silky smooth vertical or horizontal panning but also can be as still as a rock. The Manfrotto setup retails for about $400.


If you plan to produce video or do voiceovers, you’ll need audio equipment as well. Here is what we use.

Rode NTG 4 Shotgun Mic | This blimp mic is perfect for booming overhead of an interview or attaching to a camera rig. $370

Rycote Blimp Windjammer | Used in conduction with the Rode NTG, the windjammer effectively removes wind noise while recording audio. The rubberized handle is comfortable to hold, has an XLR input, and can screw on to the end of a boom pole. The windjammer runs for $170.

Zoom HD6 | The zoom HD6 is an amazing modular field recorder with a removable insert that creates a variety of different microphones. It also features 4 XLR inputs. The HD6 runs for $350.

Olympus DM-620 and Microphone Madness Matchstick Lapel Mic |This combination is our preferred method of on person recording. It attaches easily, and the sound is clear for recorded audio. We often use this duo for voice recordings when we can’t use a the NTG 4 and the HD6. The set retails for $130.

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