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Video Quality vs Storytelling

If there is one thing I’ve noticed about the video production market lately is that there is too much focus on image quality and not enough on story telling. To elaborate, I heard the other day that a client was looking for a video to be done and their first question was “Do you shoot…

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“I’ll just fix it in post”

We have been blessed to live in an age where many mistakes can be fixed or avoided thanks to technology, but as a creative, it can become a problem when we begin to rely on the creative shortcuts. A term commonly used on set of some commercials and short films I’ve been on is “we’ll…

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Graphics and Your Company

No matter what product your company sells, or service your company offers graphics play an integral part of giving your brand a specific place in the market. Although there may be many businesses similar to yours, no one business is exactly the same and your graphics can set you apart from your competition. As you…

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