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The Importance of Social Media in Campaigns

If it feels like it’s been a while since you’ve heard from me, you’re right. I’ve been busy on the campaign trail once again. What started as a consultant job for social media has morphed into something much bigger and crazier that I never expected, but that I have embraced just the same. Of course,…

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Foursquare for business

For years, I personally knocked on Foursquare, claiming that it was nothing but a creepy tool to tell people where you were and saw no point in it; I had no desire to get “badges” or “check-in” anywhere. Yet the way that Foursquare is set up now, the platform really does help out businesses in…

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A how-to on live tweeting

As fate would happen, as soon as we chose live tweeting as our next blog topic, I was scheduled to live tweet a guest seminar that Matt and Alanna were having at our old stomping grounds of St. Edward’s. Rest assured, audience, that my advice is tested and proven to work. First off, don’t even think about having…

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From Austin to Nashville

The Found story begins in Austin, Texas, but this past weekend it traveled across the country in the form of a road trip to Nashville, Tennessee where Found had its first company retreat. The idea behind the retreat was to revisit what Found was all about in the wake of our growth and expansion (including…

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Why we choose to give

Before Matt asked me to come on board the Found Media ship, he had recruited me with a different project in mind. This project, in short (we will undoubtedly talk more about it in the future), was a way for both of us to meld our passions of doing social justice and making a positive…

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