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How To Make Things Work – Part 3: Examine, the second step toward understanding

This is the third entry in the mini-series on How To Make Things Work: an Operations periodical aimed at helping you, the reader/entrepreneur/web-wanderer, make “it” work for yourself. In the last entry, we started into the first step of understanding: Immerse. Now on to the second step: Examine. Figuratively speaking, after getting your toes wet…

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How to make things work – Part 2

This is the second entry in a mini-series addressing the challenge of how to make things work. My last entry (which was also my first) marked the launch of the aforementioned mini-series. As it was my first-ever Found feature as the newest member to the Found team, I introduced myself and my role (VP of…

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How to make things work

In my opinion, there is one absolute truth: Though we all have questions, no one has all the answers. This truth is hard for many to accept but, in truth, it’s the reality for all and, in reality, it’s a challenge for many. If you’re reading this, chances are you have some questions. And while the…

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