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SEO: Getting started

In order to be successful in the world today, every business with a website should make search engine optimization (SEO) a priority. Keeping your site as high up as possible on Google, Bing and Yahoo search results pages is a must. Below, we have come up with several tips to help get you started in…

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Video Quality vs Storytelling

If there is one thing I’ve noticed about the video production market lately is that there is too much focus on image quality and not enough on story telling. To elaborate, I heard the other day that a client was looking for a video to be done and their first question was “Do you shoot…

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How to make things work – Part 2

This is the second entry in a mini-series addressing the challenge of how to make things work. My last entry (which was also my first) marked the launch of the aforementioned mini-series. As it was my first-ever Found feature as the newest member to the Found team, I introduced myself and my role (VP of…

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