Found \ faünd \ verb

1. to set up or establish on a firm basis or for enduring existence:
2. equipped, outfitted, or furnished:

Found is an Austin-grown, full-service creative suite. A digital branding and content engine specializing in integrated marketing communications, design + production. Our services light your vision, establishing a platform for your brand to shine.



The Found team equips David’s to beat Goliath’s. Our full-service suite leverages ingenuity and agility to craft + position your brand, expand your digital presence and engage your audience. How? We blend freshness with experience, ability with whimsy, vision with innovation. There’s nothing one dimensional about Found’s approach because we are real people with diverse interests and talents. Together, we harness keen instincts and capability to captivate other dimensional people (i.e. your audience). We also have the hustle shuffle down. Interested in being Found? Let’s talk.

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You can’t have engagement without a connection. We leverage strategic planning, interactive marketing communications, design and production to hook your audience with beautiful, cohesive branding and creative storytelling. Our “lightbulb” moments make your vision a reality; our methods polish you until you shine.

— Found Promise —

Nitty Gritty

Part Strategy | Part Design | Part Production

We have a grassroots approach to global conversation. We're rubbing elbows with the folks that you want to engage and translate our insider knowledge to build strategy that sparks your brand's unique light. Consolidated and efficient, we polish your brand until it shines as bright as your vision. Here are some of the tools in our arsenal to light your road to the world.


Maintaining a relevant brand voice amidst the din of today’s global conversation is challenging. But, it’s a fantastic opportunity. You have mojo — a compelling story — and we are ninjas in crafting compelling messages. We use strategic voice development + audience analysis to curate masterful copywriting + refined brand tales. Our integrated marketing communications ensure that you’re part of the conversation.

What we offer
  • Public Relations
  • Internal + External Comms
  • Content Management + Curation
  • Messaging
  • Media Relations + Training


Brands today live visually through their unique personas and voice. We awaken your brand with streamlined graphic design, digital presence and compelling content. Each aspect of your brand — identity, messaging, positioning, strategy, collateral, design — plays a role in generating inspired concepts, clean visuals and cohesive presence.

What we offer
  • Strategy 

  • Identity

  • Positioning

  • Messaging

  • Voice Development

  • Brand Collateral

  • Graphic Design


Your audience demands seamless web presence. Websites now require mobility for captivation. Our fully responsive sites resonate with your audience ensuring that your brand leaves an impression and your business runs smoothly. To keep your brand current, we integrate SEO and Adwords into our web development.

What we offer
  • Production

  • Web Design/Development

  • Web/Email Campaign Design

  • WordPress Template

  • SEO Optimization

  • Google Adwords

  • Graphic Design


Brands are multi-faceted; sticking to one target audience limits your visibility. We diversify the angles you can take to approach different audiences, broadening your appeal economically in the world of social media. We conceptualize, design and manage effective campaigns that expand brand awareness. #BeTheBuzz for social media’s sake. 

What we offer
  • Social Media Strategy 

  • Campaigns

  • Platform Management

  • Content Strategy 


Visual voices are essential building blocks of brands. Voices echo louder and create greater engagement when leveraged by multi-faceted content. Conversion increasingly occurs as a result of visual stimulation and our current digital age affords a six second window to sway (or nay) your audience. Found photo and video gurus capture your brand’s appeal and captivate the world. 

What we offer
  • Photography

  • Story Boarding

  • Video Production

  • Post Production

  • Voice Overs

Found Family

We are a diverse collective of curious storytellers, designers, managers, perfectionists, nerds and creatives who get off on creating brands that make you shine. Stereotypically, we work hard and play hard. When we aren’t making sure that you're awesome, we can be found exploring Austin, eating tacos (and pretty much everything else), trying craft brews and cocktails, chilling with dogs, dancing to live music and wanderlusting.
Meet the team.

Our office has a bottomless supply of Topo, unicorns adorn the walls and good conversation abounds.

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Hear Some Testimonials from our Clients Themselves

  • “What I liked about working with the team at Found was they didn’t make my website look like every other speakers!”

    — Thom Singer —
  • This group is extremely thorough, enthusiastic, creative and easy to work with! Love them! Thanks for all you do for Eastside Austin Elite

    — Eastside Austin Elite —
  • In the beginning, Found said they would treat us like family, and they did just that. I would highly recommend them.

    — Shane Montoya, SOS Leadership Institute —


Our past and present client list is a testament to our refreshing approach. From creation to management, we bring visibility to your brand.

“Content only works when it holds an invitation to the receiver to engage.”

— We are a Grassroots Agency —

Lost & Found

Here's a little something you can read to find out where we are and what we have been up to lately!

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908 East 5th Street, Suite 107, Austin, Texas 78702


We'd really love to hear from you so why not drop us an email and we'll get back to you as soon as we can.

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Intern with Found

Our close-knit team has developed an internship program that we feel provides our students with one of the most hands-on and demanding intern programs in the industry. Each semester, our team of interns is brought in to contribute to our on-going strategies as well as work with our team to develop new strategies and campaigns for clients. Every bit of work throughout your semester as a member of the Found Family will have direct implications into our deliverables, no busy work here!

Think you are ready to join the Family? Check out our Fall and Spring internships below!


To apply for any position send your resume, position you are interested in & semester available to: info@foundmediagroup.com


1. Social Media Guru 10 hours per week

Interest in Implementing Strategies and Interacting with Customers Online

Proficiency in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat

Basic Understanding of Analytics and Data in Marketing

Willingness to Learn on the Fly and Be Flexible

Ability to Take Prompts and Directions and Create Meaningful Results


2. Public Relations Prodigy 10 hours per week

Interest in the Behind the Scenes Aspects of Strategy, Communication and Research

Proficiency in Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and Snapchat

Basic Understanding of PR Role in Marketing

Willingness to Learn on the Fly and Be Flexible

Ability to Take Prompts and Directions and Create Meaningful Results


3. Graphic Designer Extraordinaire 10 hours per week

Interest in Graphic Design and Its Applications in Digital Marketing

Proficiency in Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign

Basic Understanding of Social Media Platforms

Willingness to Learn on the Fly and Be Flexible

Ability to Take Prompts and Directions and Create Meaningful Results


To apply for any position send your resume, position you are interested in & semester available to: info@foundmediagroup.com

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